Senin, 18 Februari 2008


Finally, after a long discussion and crossing many pathways, the gathering is held!! The 1st gathering of PU batch 2005 was held at Bakmi GM Sarinah -located at Sarinah district, next to Sarinah Shopping Center-

This event was -unfortunately- dominated by several majors, which are: IT/IS, PR, and IB. There is also one VCDer, the mod, tante irene that was dressed in black. woman in black ^^ and her eyes looked blacker and darker than any normal human eyes teehee..

The agenda was: chatting, eating, chatting again, and photo session. The room itself was booked from 5.30-7.30 pm. It was an optimistic prediction, from what would've been 6.30-8.30 pm. Rubber clock or "jam karet" was practiced at its best!! It was definitely a "best practice" of rubber clock in action. -_-"

The gathering began with eating, while waiting for friends who hadn't come. It was continued by speech from the modz, suddenly MC (MC dadakan), and the vice-chairman of PUSC stating an idea to set up a job fair within campus.

The photo session was (as predicted) the most wanted section! Photos were taken at a rapid firing rate due to the eagerness and the narcistness of most attendants to be taken picture! hahaha.. ~narciszzz~!!

The 1st gathering, was rather unorganized, but it's fine, for this is the first and experimentally gathering. Hope the next gath will be better and attended more!! Where r u guys? PU alumni? PU students?!

Thanx for u all for supporting this gath!

CU in the next gath

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